Automobile Engineering

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Automobile Engineering (DAE)
Minimum QualificationModeTotal Course Fee
10th with experienceYear IRs. 15900/-
Subjects Covered :  
1. Maintenance of Records and Schedules2. Engine Maintenance Repair and Overhauling3.CHASSIS Maintenance Repair and Overhauling
4.Electrical System Maintenance Servicing and Repairs 
Diploma in Automobile Engineering (DAE)
Minimum QualificationModeTotal Course Fee
10th with experience Note : (For I.T.I Diploma holder lateral entry Fee Rs. 2000/-)3 years/SemesterRs. 35900/-
Subjects Covered :  
1. Communication English1. Applied Mathematics II1. Engineering Mechanics
2.Applied Mathematics2. Engineering Physics II2.Manufacturing Technology-I
3.Engineering Physics I3. Engineering Physics I3.Fluid Mechanics
4.Engineering Chemistry I4.Applied Engineering Graphics4.Machine Drawing
1.Thermodynamics1.Automobile Transmission1. Industrial Engineering and Road Transport
2.Manufacturing Technology-II2.Vehicle Body Technology2.CAD/CAM
3.Automobile Chassis3.Electrical Engineering3.Microprocessor & its Application
4.Automobile Electrical and Electronics4.Tractor and Farm Equipment4. Project.


Graduation Courses

Bachelor in Automobile engineering (B.E)
Minimum QualificationModeTotal Course Fee
12th with (PCM) experience
Note : (For Diploma holder lateral entry Fee Rs. 2000/-)
4 years/SemesterRs. 45900/-
Subjects Covered :  
1.Theory of Mechanics1.Engines & Its Functions1. Principle & Application Of Sensors
2.Automotive Petrol Engine-I2.Maintenance & Servicing2.Wiring Diagram
3.Automotive Diesel Engine-I3. Automotive Petrol Engine-II3.Automotive Diesel Engine-II
4.Manufacturing Process4.Chassis System Pollution4.Automotive Electrical Digital Electronics II
5.Automotive Electrical-I5.System & Electronics5.Networking Of Control CAN Bus
1.Vehicle Management System1.Auto Transmission Electronic Control1.Body Engineering
2. Function of Engine2.Voltage Distribution2. Computer Aided Programming
3. Management Emission Control3. Interior and Exterior CAN3.Electronics and Microprocessors-I
4. Management Basics of Telemetric4. Technical Report Writing4.Advanced Structure & Materials
5.Auto Air Conditioning5. Communication Skills5.Group Project
1. Major Project1.Automotive Safety System 
2. Advanced Computer Methods2.Alternative Sources of Energy 
3. Electronics and Microprocessors-II3. Dismantling & Assembly Servicing 
4. Manufacture and Testing4. Project 
5.Structure And Materials5. Viva 

Post Graduation Courses

Advance diploma in Motor Cycle Engineering (ADMCE)
Minimum QualificationModeTotal Course Fee
12th with experience
Note : For Diploma holder lateral entry Fee Rs. 2000
3 yearsRs. 18550/-
Subjects Covered :  
1.Mathematics1. Group Project1. Major Project
2.Applied Engineering Practice2. Engineering Business Skills And Techniques2.Advanced Computer Methods
3. Electronics and Microprocessors Engineering3. Engine Design Performance And Thermodynamics Structures3. Engine Structural Design
4.Science4.Materials And Aerodynamics CAD4.Structure And Materials
5.CAD Materials And Processes
6.Motorcycle Chassis And Power Train Technology
5.Manufacture And Testing
6.Motorcycle Dynamics And Power And Transmission
5.Structure And Materials
Master In Engineering (Automobile ) M.E
Minimum QualificationModeTotal Course Fee
B.E(Automobile)2 years/SemesterRs. 51,900/-
Subjects Covered :  
1.Vehicle Structure and Engines1. Alternative Energy Sources1. Fluid system
2.Engine Auxiliary Systems2. Practical2.Solar energy
3. Transmission Systems3. Dissertation3. Material science & metallurgy
4.Steering, Brake and Suspension4. Machine design4.Measurements & controls
1.Metal Cutting & tools design  
2.Computer aided design(CAD)  
3. Project  
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