Director’s Message

We welcome you at HIIMT . Your interest to enhance knowledge in the field of management is appreciated. “Learning is an unending process”, all of us are learning throughout our life in one form or the other. Every human being wants to grow and prosper. The growth of an individual is related to the knowledge, skills and the attitude, which directly contribute towards the abilities of an individual. Every employee would like to utilize his professional and technical competence for the growth of his organization. The vast arena of management is like a field, which offers a plethora of job opportunities at present. India is undergoing a widely accepted industrial revolution and in its developing stage every part of the country is witnessing small and big entrepreneurial and industrial activities. It is not only the production units but also the service sectors such as hospitals, hospitality, entertainment, banking, insurance etc, which are eagerly looking forward towards people with managerial skills to man and manage different kinds of activities. The Distance Education Programmes offered by HIIMT are aimed at helping those personal who are genuinely eager to enhance their professional and managerial capabilities by utilizing their valuable time productively.

Since management industry is one of the largest industry in India, its demand for efficient manpower is continuously on the rise. Though more and more players are being added to the pharmaceutical industry, most of the companies are not equipped with the training divisions of their own. Even such companies which have their own training divisions, generally concentrate on aspects relevant for the growth of their respective company interests only. Today, pharmaceutical companies prefer to appoint professionally trained candidates instead of simple graduates. After doing HIIMT courses one can make career in different companies.

HIIMT is committed to do its best in the generation of industry friendly quality education to satisfy the challenging demands on marketing management at both the macro and micro levels. Our programmes, however, demand intellectual maturity, strength of purpose and willingness to work hard.

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